Hi l’m Jacqui. My favorite type of art is definitely craft! I love getting messy and making something from nothing. I used to love going home after school and doing art and painting. It was my happy place. For a living l work as a stylist and art consultant for a few TV shows and on magazine shoots. I don’t think l have an art philosophy exactly, but l definitely think creating something helps relax me and takes my mind off any troubles. You also find out a lot about yourself creatively. My earliest memory of art is doing art with my Grandma, going outside in her backyard and painting things in her garden, she also taught me how to sew and we used to make skirts for me to dance in. When it comes to art, don’t worry if you don’t have formal training, its really good to learn technique, but I also think the best way to learn something is play around with it at home and explore.